Join Us Today

Membership of the Association costs just £4 per year and new members are very welcome. Subscriptions run from 1st January. Should you have any queries regarding membership please contact us. You can either pay in person, or online.

1. Pay In Person

You can pay your local road representative in person.

Please contact your road representative in order to arrange this.

2. Pay Online

Annual Membership

You can now pay online via this website.

For payment processing we use Stripe, one the largest and most secure online payment providers in the world. Other customers including Salesforce, SAP, Facebook, Unicef,  Comic Relief and Pinterest.

Please note:

  • Stripe charges us 25p per transaction, hence the increase to £4.25 over in-person payments
  • The payment will appear on your bank statement as: Stoke Dabernon RA
  • Your card details are encrypted and totally invisible to the residents committee
  • Absolutely none of your card information is saved, either with us, or with the payments provider
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Note: this is not yet live, we are completing testing at present.